Megan’s lie.

@megskeefc’s lie. There’s a TON of animals who aren’t burdened by societal expectations of their gender identity, animals who can reproduce asexually and animals who can change their gender midway through life if they wish to. Clownfish are one of the latter. If you haven’t been following, I asked folks to tell me the lies they tell themselves and others and I would incorporate them into my daily drawings. Lie to me!

Tyke’s Ghost

I was commissioned to create this piece of Tyke, a circus elephant that was brutally killed in 1994 after killing her abusive trainer. She was shot nearly 100 times until she died from her wounds. The photos of the incident are graphic and extremely heartbreaking. I’m going to create prints of this illustration to sell, with a portion of proceeds going to animal rights organizations. At least we can celebrate one thing about 2017 – the closing of Barnum and Bailey and the international trend of banning wild animal use in circuses.

Net Neutrality Matters

This is the likely future if we lose regulations that protect net neutrality. On December 14th, the FCC is voting to get rid of regulations that protect consumers. Call your senators, the FCC (specifically the chairman, a former Verizon (but clearly still very much acting in their interests) lawyer Ajit Pai) and let them know this will not be tolerated. Or expect to begin paying a premium to access most of your usually internet uses – especially to politically organize. is a great resource for finding your legislators’ phone numbers and a call script. The FCC’s number is 212-408-1000.

St. Croix Animal Shelter needs your help!

I’m doing these holiday pet portraits to raise money for an animal shelter in St Croix, an island in the Caribbean decimated by Hurricane Maria. They make great gifts! For $75, your purchase gets you a single half-page portrait, 5″x6″. I’ll paint and draw it by hand with ink and watercolor. The price includes shipping and postage. I’m happy to do more than one animal in the image, too! If you’d like a larger size, just let me know and the price will go up in proportion to the size. These make awesome gifts! Turn around time is a week. 50% of the proceeds goes to the shelter — I have 5 prints left for sale with 100% of proceeds going to aid organizations. Get in touch with me if you’re interested.