Feeling nostalgic.

I used to be in a band with my partner. I played drums. I wasn’t very good, but it was pretty fun. We toured the country and made a lot of friends. Sometimes I miss it, but then I remember how you have to practice regularly and that’s not so appealing. Also, Minibar in KC literally smelt like poop when we played. I’m sorry but it’s true.


Lifetime, Straight White Teeth’s (my partner’s band) latest release ft. Paige Pfleger @paigepfleger – Single released in 2017, and well-loved by blogs, playlists and Spotify algortihms. It’s been getting some playtime over at @kcrw, which is really exciting to see! I’m extremely proud of my partner for continuing to work on and release compelling music despite many personal hardships. Have a listen at straightwhiteteethmusic.com or on Spotify