100 Things No One Told Me

I’m getting on #the100dayproject late (it started April 3rd), but I’m joining in and going to post a drawing everyday for the next 100 days. So I’ll be posting one a day until Friday, August 10th.

I had this super clever, original (I thought) idea to do daily drawings for the next 100 days based on things no one told me. I googled it just to see if anyone had done it before, and another illustrator already did it! Darn it. Alex Noriega had this same idea and executed it very well in 2010. His last post on his blog, snotm.com was in 2013 though — and his insights and drawings are much wiser than I am (most of mine are about body hair and BO). So I feel like the projects will be different enough that it’s still worth it for me to contribute. If you were following me when I did my, “lie to me” project, I had followers message me the lies they tell themselves and I would incorporate them into my daily drawings. It was really fun, and I felt like I got to know a lot of you much better. I’m opening that up again — what’s something no one told you that you had to find out for yourself? Message me! I want to know and draw it!

1/100 things no one told me. No one told me chin hair was going to be thing I would need to deal with on a regular basis. When I was a teen I’d randomly get one, long white hair that I’d pluck and not have another one for years. Now it seems like it’s every day! Oh well – I work from home.