Fundraiser Prints


Every month since January 2018, I have created art to sell as prints to benefit a cause close to my heart. 100% of proceeds from the sales of these prints go towards different non-profit.

If you’re interested in purchasing one, the images below link to where you can purchase them.

Save America’s Bayous

There are 12 threatened species, 11 endangered species and 20 at-risk species in the Louisiana bayou. The bayou is both repealing and alluring. It glows, and stinks and glistens. They are bizarre, unique and ultimately very necessary for animals, plants and humans alike. Despite conservation efforts, Louisiana still loses an acre of land every 33 minutes. That’s 25 miles a year. The city of New Orleans is especially at risk, as its surrounding bayous once protected it from tropical storms.

Proceeds from sales of this print go towards Gulf Restoration Network.

Common Tides, Marine Education and Stewardship

Common Tides is a non-profit whose mission is to inspire passion through ocean education and stewardship to create positive change. Through learning comes a desire to help. Common Tides offers free marine science education for school children in underserved communities in order to promote knowledge, protection, and understanding of the marine environment. In turn, children will learn skills to empower them to protect their natural environment. These components will help coastal developing countries to boost Eco-tourism and help ensure the health of the environment in the future.

100% of proceeds from sales of this print go to Common Tides. 

Hurricane Maria Relief

Areas decimated by Hurricane Maria are still rebuilding, well into 2018. Proceeds from this print have been donated to the St. Croix Animal Welfare Center, Unidos Por Puerto Rico, and more.